Thursday, January 6, 2011


i had a great day for today - thgs went well, alhamdulillah. but then - i gez life's like dat - theres nthg in the world stays the way it is, like most of the time. and i ended up my day, wit kinda mixed feeling, sad, and feeling bad.

coupla days back - i've made a pack dat if i love somethg, if i strongly believe in somethg - i'd go stand on it well, i'll stand my stance strong. i wont go let anythg come in between. anythg at all. i'd go do wat i hav to - jst as long thgs wld stay the same. anythg at all. and i keep on tellin myself dat watever happens around me - it aint gonna be long, thgs wld be back to normal - jst like before. but then - i keep on hearing the same words.

it hurts me. a lot. for i strongly stand for it. for i am doin all my best - to keep thgs the way it is. for i love it, so much dat i hav no words to tell. but when someone told u dat i dun hav to put much hope in it, it really tears me apart.

its jst like a old broken record, playin the same old lame shait, again and again.

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Timtams said...

It must be a really good record since its been playing over & over again...