Sunday, January 2, 2011


theres obviously a few thgs i like about January - for its the start of a brand new year. for in January - i cld go forgettin the whole shait (if theres any) on the previous yr, and i come up wit a new brand start - wit a vengeance. and for theres a day dat i'd use to mutely wish to my own self all those sweet thgs to happen - and the end of the month.

and dis yr - i've been counting for a certain days in January - dis January to be precise, to come true - for its gonna be even way special than any other January, wit in all years before dis. i was counting days, weeks and months for dis certain days at dis mid of the month - to come true. to a somewhere i always wanna go, to someplace where i've been wanting to be - all dis time.

but i gez - it was jst my luck. it aint goin to happen. i must admit dat i was kinda sad for it - but i am givin in for somethg way more important than bein a self-absorb brat.

it is time like dis - when sometimes, i wish dat all my wishes, all my dreams - they can jst come true; wit out i hav to pay a price for it, at all.

but then - dis is life. ur makin a plan, while the God laughin at u.

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