Saturday, January 22, 2011

at random.

do the caption,

yeah - i knw. who works on Saturday? i hate seein thgs on Pinkie's wall. hahaha.. and i feel like puttin the dustbin on my head by the time i received a call from Azman - teasin me on the same thang. heh. its ok. hell yeah - i aint workin like every Saturday. and i aint too, on Sunday. wld dat make it equal? *mode pujuk diri senirik* hahaha

in the office now. stdnts r ere and there - some in the hall for classes. some roaming around mcm anak ayam yg mak nya mati kena lenggek dek kete. some r in the zombie mode. some looks like cldnt careless. well, who does? its Saturday la, bai.

gotta go. btw - its random pics to display. i brought in my portable diska-keras and it happens byk pics in there, as well.

i'd love to share em, wit u.

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