Thursday, January 27, 2011


where wld u go,
from ere?

its amazin the peace of mind u get when u've come to terms wit acceptance. take it as it is. be it. and its amazin how clear thgs become when u've opened ur heart to the inevitable. in life - i gez - u'll never get everythg exactly like u want. ur maturity and strength as a person r not measured by the number of victories u acquire - but in ur willingness to admit defeat when u knw - u've lost.

oftentimes, we r given problems and dilemmas dat will test our ability to deal wit life. its difficult to accept thgs dat giv us pain and sufferin. but i believe dat acceptance is not merely 'admitting defeat' or 'ceasing to fight' or 'surrendering'. it is when u lookat it in a much bigger perspective, a bigger picture - its actually embracing the truth and welcoming the bittersweet fact - dat there is reason y these thgs hav to happen to u, when they do.

its difficult, especially when u dun see dat 'reason' and u feel so miserable.. but once ur heart is really open for acceptance - and u hav faith, too - dat Allah has a plan for u; and dat there is s'thg else waitin for u..

hav a pleasant day ahead, peeps.

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