Friday, December 17, 2010

worthwhile gifts..

mend a quarrel
seek out a forgotten fren
write a long overdue love note/email/letter
send a card to someone u think of
make em surprise,
and appreciated
hug someone tightly and say, "i love u so.."
forgive an enemy
be gentle and patient wit an angry person
find time to keep a promise
cook, make or bake sthg for someone else, anonymously
release a grudge
speak kindly to a stranger
talk nicely to others
enter into another's sorrow
smile - it does not cost a thang
laugh a little
and laugh a lil more
make someone laugh out loud
take a walk wit a fren
lessen ur demands on others
play some beautiful music during evening meal
apologize if ur wrong
turn off the music/television.. and talk. or listen.
treat someone ur with - ice cream, yogurt, cupcakes..
do the dishes for the family - tho u hate it like hell
pray for someone who helped u when u hurt
fix breakfast on Sunday morning!
give a soft answer even tho u feel strongly
encourage others for good thang
point out one thang u appreciate most about someone u work wit, someone u love

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Jerung Rimba Putih said...

aww.. this one is nice. almost same with mine.