Friday, December 31, 2010

welcome back, Merah Jambu!

Pinkie is not so pinkie
on her birthday celebration, Mac 2010.

dis is Pinkie. aka Noraziah Che Pa. my best fren. best buddy. she never fail to be around when i am in deep shait. damn - i am proud to hav her as a fren. and dammit - i am blessed.

and tonite - she's finally back in ere - for good. after like coupla years back there, i mean down there in ChCh, NZ. she's been thru thick and thin down there, and darn i am glad finally she's back.

Pinkie - dis is for u. welcome back, Pinkie. i am wishin u the very best, insyaAllah for the whole 2011 and years to come, for sure. its gonna be tuff for the start - but knwing her for a one strong, bold kinda gal.. i knw shes gonna be jst fine.


i bet at dis time - while i am doin dis entry - Pinkie and others r havin fun makan2 at Willy's. heh. jeles. i hate u guys for havin good time, while i cant be there!

but then - its ok. panjang umur, bley jumpa eh Pinkie?

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:: NbC :: said...

Thanks Shahe for the sweet entry. Hope to see u again, soon..!