Monday, December 6, 2010

weekend in Jitra..

'can u throw away the camera,
pak long! sickening!!'

i had a great weekend at cik's place. it was fun - fun wit laughter, relaxing moments, do things together and tell-tale sessions. and yeah - gossiping as well. and one more - a once in a while yell out shait kat minimons now and then bila all those kids up the wall or went out of control. it was a crazy moment as well - seein em all jumping up and now - like most of the time, as if 'tak kenal penat' kinda thang!

and for the fisrt time too - aku managed to drive up and down - 3 hrs from Ipoh and 3hrs too, from Jitra.. hehehe.. nanti bley pi lagik la mcm neh.

darn lazy to do the caption. after all, i dun think it really matters pun.

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