Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday and tingtong-ness.

despite of feeling reluctant of goin to the farewell dinner held by K22 semlm, finally aku turned up.. for the sake of - i am among of the lecturers who welcoming em all to ere, and i gez i need to be there for smlm was the last nite seein em around.

started at 8pm (tp aku, Ajak and Aiman smpai around 8.30pm), i gez i did hav a great time as well - they r havin it kat Tropicana Grand Ballroom and Banquet, which is a new kinda nice place. the food - superb. the theme shld be black and gold - tp aku redah je la, try to be as casual as i am while other lecturers - most of em; the senior.. siap pakai rasmi la pulak. heh! tp meja aku sumer lecturers yg kepala goyang - Rod, Fina, Kak Yati, Yus, Azhar, Ajak, KF and Aiman - staf ofis.

by 2am - aku dah kat rumah. a bit tingtong-ness in me, aku mandi and hit MuMu. pagi ni - dun ask, rasa mcm zombi kg pisang.

nak tido kat ofis la..

dr kiri - KF, Aiman, me and the gals.

me and Rod.
look at her sokmo-pose.

another me and Rod.

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