Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday = batik, no? heh!

batik, no?

God dammit. its Thusday. and i was thinkin it is Wednesday! wats got into me eh? so - ere i am in the middle of like so many ppl around me in batik (ecxept kain batik, mind u!) and i am clad in a long sleeve and dis plate-front pants lookin like my dad in his 50's. argkh!

i am thinkin of goin back and change. yet its rainin. dammit i am gonna stay put in my room - like i said before. and i aint gonna go nowhere. mls la org tnya2, nak kena jwb berkali-kali. it aint biggie i know. but for far i never ponteng pakai baju batik on Thursday, jst like pakai baju melayu on Friday.



artisticklytouch said...

u always have to be different from the others kannn..


jerry maguire, jr. said...

bitch! haha