Monday, December 13, 2010


crazy Monday. its like i really do work than anyone else in ere. i missed my breakie, i din get the chance to go for my lunch. 2 reports done - i still hav 2 pending. i need a break. talkin to someone wld be beautiful. wonderful. but then -


i knw dis aint rite - but i need to jot dis down. i need to vent dis out - all, out - now. it suffocates me. i knw dis feelin in me is so not rite - i shldnt be around dis feeling.. the scary, negative thinkin. i shldnt be breathing it, in and out. i shld cast it away, for it'd bring disaster. but i cant help it. i jst cant help it myself. i feel so left out. alone. theres so many thgs i wanna share, i wanna talk out - but i din get the chance.

i jst wish i cld turn back the time. jst.. the way it used to be. yet i knw it s so impossible.

'u hav to adapt. and adopt'. God.

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