Thursday, December 16, 2010

a reality check?

"reality is wat our five senses tell us of the universe dat surrounds us. we must learn to live wit it b'coz - we live in it. dis in itself is both a challenge and a delight. there is a challenge of making it a living, of craving a niche for urself.. of winning a place in the sun. theres the challenge of adversity, of illness, of pain. theres the delight og music, literature and art, of ppl, places and thgs.

to all of these - we r introduced when we r born, and we live wit em until we die. its like being given free tickets to a marvelous play. or party. here we sit - each of us at the center of his own consciousness. and every morning, miraculously - the curtain rises.."

owh, God sake! can someone make it short, cut all dis crap - and jst show me how to live, wit reality?

heh. *sigh*

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