Thursday, December 2, 2010

PappaRich? no.

i kinda hooked up wit lot of thgs to be done dis coupla days - and yet i am only 24hrs/day. dammit. yeah rite - tell me a tha two. or perhaps - tell me somethg new - time management? *puke*

and today - is one of the worst day, perhaps. reached the office darn early in the morn., around 6.45am wit the tot of i'd be able to put my arse down and settled coupla works way before the stdnts flocking my room like hell - yeah, i did manage to finish a few, before finally budak2 research baru of K24 started to flood in for dis and dat, and their seniors too. and not long after dat - Mail called me up for Bilik Mesyuarat - for a so-called mesyuarat - damn, i had 3 to go! the exam, pendaftaran/orientasi (and i am the S/U) plus ko-ku. by the time we r done wit the first one - most of the lecturers' faces were like bein slapped by a ghost! masing2 muka mcm cipap, except for Pengarah yang - damn! he cld be havin a 'sawan' mic, i think. and his old 'burung kakak-tua' beside him yg tak renti 'yes', yes', 'sure', 'sure', 'o yess', 'yeah, 'o yeahhhhh!!'. err.. no. dats different kinda sound la pulak, eh? but aku can clearly saw muka Apiz, Ajak, KF, Ramesh et al masing-masing mcm cipap. heh! me? jst dun ask.

i am havin Zul, Yati, Mail and Karuna for a-team for the orientasi thingy. argkhh! not quite rite, i shall say. i mght as well ended up chasing the new boys and gals lari keliling padang, sorang-sorang by the time aku looked at those list. and Mr Hari - aku rasa he noticed seein my face and asked, 'y u look so insecure?' kinda thang to me. and he assured me dat 'we'll make sure everybdy in the list - do work'. yeah, rite. i mean - yeah, sure. we'll see.


its been a gloomy day for me. i mean - a not-so-good kinda days, lately. not really for me - but for those i really care. its hurt to see em in deep shait yet u cant do a single thang to soothe and sort thgs out. and its hurt as well, for u cant be there - rite there, where they r at - when thgs r not rite.. i pray God above - hoping thgs will be jst fine, really soon. i mean - really soon.

u gotta be strong. and be bold as well. sometimes - i gez, dats life - we cant be in a good shape all the time. there'll be definitely shait around, and causing us trouble. pain in the arse. and i believe dat - at time like dis, we shldnt be jumping around. we shld be more realistic and rational - judging thgs emotionally will make us in deep wit regret, in future. and we dun want dat, aye?


i shldve be in PappaRich now - havin my taufu-fa, plus my soaya drink wit gula merah.. *sigh* but i am not.


achik ezam said...

cipap=vagina kan?????

so muke depa semua mcm vagina kah????


jerry maguire, jr. said...

achik - heh! babap kang. haha