Friday, December 31, 2010


owh, grossie.
enuff wit the theory shait.
get real!

sometimes - in life - u feel down. u need someone to talk some kinda sweet thang to u. u need someone to tell u a tale, or a thang or two, to make u strong and stand up - even better than others around u. u need some motivation. motivation? wats the hell is dat?

as simple as dis - for me, motivation is wat makes great ppl, great.

motivation is a powerful drivin force, but u hav to learn how to use it - first, learn to understand wat the heck it is, will be way better - learn how to maintain it, and how to regain it when it wanes. the truth is - it can sometimes elude even the best of us. dis is y - it is crucial to hav some strategies in place - so dat quickly tap into wat motivates u and use it as rocket fuel to get u started, again.

motivation is not the exclusive domain of the greats tot. its available to each and everyone of us. its hard-wired into our brains (if u hav one) as part of our survival instinct. understandin dat motivation is wat drives our actions helps us to make the changes in our life, dat we desire. u look at jiran's garden, u feel menyampah and u sibuk2 nak make urs even better - dats a motivation. i mean - dats the simple, down to earth example la, kan. a call or sms early in the morn., before u start ur day can motivates u as well.

there r a lots of reasons y u mght struggle to get motivated. i mean - some of us, we dun even knw wat the heck motivation is. it cld be dat u dun even knw wat motivates u, as well! maybe u've become struck in a rut and u've forgotten wat flips ur switch? it cld also be dat theres s'one in ur life who drains ur motivation wit their negativity - u knw wat i mean.

so wat motivates u? do u knw wat motivation is? or u dun even knw - dat ur havin somethg / someone around u, dat motivates u alrite - yet u dun giv it a shait about it? and it goes 'unknowing'? poor u.


yeah rite. i need a real good motivation now. to jump outta dis comfy bed - and get my gardenin, movin. or, can i do it trow?


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