Saturday, December 18, 2010


For the first time, balik kampung thang ere aint dat thrill as usual. Its been raining since early in the morn when aku left Ipoh at 4am, all the way sampai ere. 6hrs of driving, in the rain, and aku cant even drive pass 110km/hr., like - at all. Kematu jap bontot. Heh. And its rainin all day, watdya expct? Nthg much can be done pun - except melangut dpn idiotbox, golek and golek, lapar then mkn, dah mkn mata pun berat. And the cycle goes jst like dat, till mlm. Argkh. Thank God its only for the wkend. Otherwise, i am goin to be fat. Like, fat fat. Fatties. Fat flatties. Erk. Flatties? Heh. Erm, btw dis is the time aku get bck to a real world - minimal FB-ing, do more reading, watch more news, listen to more musics and communicate even more wit ppl arnd me. And gez wat? Aku came to a point better of aku botak balik, and dis time i hav a better reasonable xcuse. Darn dats wat i am goin to do, first thang in the morn. I hav to 'bela' dis goatte too, ramai dah ckp aku comot, unkempt. Heh. And all out of sudden, aku teringin nak mandi laut. Argkh.

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:: NbC :: said...

fat flatties..? haha sounds familiar :-P