Wednesday, December 29, 2010

life's biggest problems..

..and their solutions.

1. Tunnel Vision : the tendency to focus only on the immediate crisis or sore spot. under stress - thgs look worse or more complex than they really r. u knw wat i mean. dammit, it sounds freakin familiar.

The solution
Perspective : ask urself - if it will matter in 6 mths. ask wat else is goin on? u scared of thinkin about the possibility? grab some balls. i mean - ur balls then. and yeah - think of how u create dis situation and, in an ideal world - wat wld u like to do, about it? dun forget to take ur time. truth hurts some time. but - life's like dat.

2. Fear : the feelin of anxiety, or terror, scared shait dat thgs will go badly - dat we will fail or be embarrassed.

The solution
Humor and Curiosity : i believe dat modern life has very few saber-tooth tigers. the situation is rarely life or death. and ask, wats the worst dat can happen? wats the best? wat can i learn? wat wld i do if i had no fear? yeah - i like dat. the so-called self-asked kinda question - wat wld i do if i had no fear? heh.

3. Confusion : the sense of bein lost or unclear about ur direction. the sense dat u dun knw ur own priorities, anymore.

The solution
Responsible Choices : i hate decisions. i hate to choose when theres so many choices around. but then - in dis perspective; u got no choice. but to choose. choose ur values and priorities, and set ur own path. its ur life. ur life, is urs. check ur moral compass, pick a direction.. and - do somethg extraordinary! go kick some arses. and surprise em!

4. Guilt : its the belief dat we hav hurt or failed, or sinned, or fucked-up, or rolled into the drain or name-it-u-knw-it-God-sake kinda feelin. guilt is either accurate, b'coz s'times we do behave badly; or it is false and simply an illusion.

The solution
err, i dun knw really. i hav no specific solution to think of. but i think if ur transgressed - u must make restitution, ask forgiveness, learn from ur mistakes, error - and move on. no regret. no nthg. period. but if it is a false guilt - set it down as an unnecessary and irrational burden.

5. Shame : the belief dat ur worth-less than others, dat u hav a terrible, incurable flaw. it is not dat u hav done s'thg wrong (or guilt) - but dat u r bad or wrong.

The solution
Clear, rational thinking : everybdy has behaved badly - u, me, everybdy - in a way or another; but no one was created badly.. trust me! at least - dats wat i believe. any flaws only serve u Stronger (Britney Spears, 2000), more heroic and more compassionate toward others.

6. Loneliness : its a state or a belief dat no one loves u, dat no one cares for u, and u must desperately cling to anyone who finds us attractive or acceptable (does dat 'ouch!' u? brace urself - dats the fact). dis creates dependency, not intimacy.

The solution
Accurate Self-Assessment : reality check! not everyone will loves u - they mght say they do, but apparently they din knw wat they say anyway - but trust me; ppl will, if they meet u, get to knw u, and spend time working/playin along side u. damn. i knw how it is. heh.

7. Resentment : the state of holdin anger, and refusin to move beyond real or imagined mistreatment in the past. some ppl spend the whole lives as 'victims', nurturin a terible event in their past - and make it some kinda way of life. shait. scary, i knw.

The solution
Let go! i mean - yeah.. let go! i always told myself dat life is not fair. who says it is? ur mum? puke. ppl do not always behave well or kindly. for dats the way we r. flesh and blood. use ur trauma to make u wise, kind, gentle and strong. holding anger will definitely not workin, at all.

8. Self-Doubt : the repeated, endless questionin of your own abilities, opinions or actions . the can-i-do-dis-and-dat? can i? can i? its the inability to take a stand, to act boldly, or to follow-thru.

The solution
Action! Think clearly, then take action and follow-through : or perhaps - do thgs at a whim, once in a blue moon. and see how it goes. u can start small, but fcuk shait - jst do it. ur the world's expert on ur own life. and it aint ur mum. or ur sugar-dad. use ur wisdom to live well.

9. Stubbornness : refusal or inability to re-assess a situation, change ur mind, or admit ur wrong. its the feelin 'aku je yg baik ko bodo' kinda thang. its the.. u knw wat it is rite? the 'keras kepala' thang? *sigh*

The solution
Wisdom and Humility : only a fool stays on a course dat is headed for disaster! search for new and better information, remain flexible, open and creative . theres nothg wrong to stay humble, to pretend u need to learn more - w/o showing dat ur a plain moron havin gas in ur head. when the situation changes - adjust accordingly and set a new course. its adapt. and adopt.

10. Addiction : we become addicted to drugs, cupcakes, gyms and swimming trunks - but we also become addicted to our jobs (yawn), our opinions or our lifestyle . we can be addicted to people and need em rather than love em.

The solution
Take a vacation! a break, dat is. periodically, walk in someone else's shoes . break your habits, re-arrange ur schedule, delegate those thgs dat only u can do 'right'. for dat is so wrong - trust me, u can be a plain ass-hole, sometimes. use habits and traditions to set u free, but dun let habits enslave u.


damn. i feel like talkin to a mirror.


Jerung Rimba Putih said...

I think I'm addicted to A HUG. Bleh camtu? heh! hahaha~~

Timtams said...

Thank u for sharing Bra, i cud see some of my so call "problems" that u describe n imma gonna try to use your suggested "solutions" to help me solve my problems.

Btw..I wanna wish u & all your readers a Hepi new Year, may 2011 be just as fantabulous & more rockin! Stay safe & be good to each other!!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Jr - i gez nthgwrong wit dat..

TT :-)