Friday, December 31, 2010

HNY 2011~

Happy New Year 2011!

about 3.5hrs from now - we r all goin to get into a new decade - its MMXI. yeah, 2011. 1.1.11, aye? nice one. i feel like to do some re-cap of the whole 2010, but i dun knw where to start..

so how.. or watdya think, of a new year? as for me - nthg new. i mean - its jst another day. jst dat theres a different of date, month and yr.. of coz. i remember all dis years before - i used to hav resolutions for myself. some of em, i managed to fulfill it alrite. sometimes - a few of em, left unattended. ad for the first time, dis time around - i dun feel like to hav one. i dun see y shld i hav one. probably, i dun need one. i jst wanna live life as it is - at the best of it. i jst want to enjoy, to feel every bit of the secs in it - all those petty thgs, alrite. i want to appreciate all thgs around me - even a small petty thgs, alrite. and i wanna be nice to others, as well as to myself. i wanna be healthier. i wanna be someone yg a bit more beramal and do wat i hav to do as a Muslim. i wanna make my fmly happier. these r aint resolutions - for i am working on em all at time being. i jst want to keep em in track. dats all.

its a been a good year, 2010. i met a few nice ppl dat keeps me alive. a few of i-hate-thgs, finally turned out to be i-hate-no-more. i managed to make more frens! more than ever. those lovely ppl i met on FB - way better than those around me for real. somehow or rather. me, Pinkie, Baha, Azman, MT and a few more - we r gettin more closer.. good frens, it is. i finally managed to finish up my study - God, i am so thrilled. and 2011, i am goin to further up, more insyaAllah. work wise - alhamdulillah.. its been a good yr where i managed to assure all the big-shoots dat i am worth a man. i contribute a lot, as well. i fight back, of coz - when i need to. seniors no longer lookin down at me as if i am a piece of cold-shait. and they know wat i am capable of. heh. stdnts come and stdnts go - and theres nthg much to ado wit it, really.

theres a few thgs dat broke my heart, as well. but i then, i gez - dats the way life is. life's like dat. i mght stumbled and bein a pathetic person u ever knew - but i stand up, and move on. i learn a lot, really.

2011? i jst hope for the best. for more time, perhaps.


done wit Maghrib, aku decided to kemas my wardrobe - almari baju keje and almari baju2 casual aku. aku decided to put all those yg aku dah tak nak/tak pakai - and lipat elok2, aku nak hantar ke rumah anak yatin kat Chemor tu, esok lusa. theres so many of em, really. i dun see any reason y i shld be keepin am all, anymore. tho theres a lot yg aku sayang - for some of em aku bought it for some special occasions, bought it wit someone dat i love etc - yet again, i dun see y shld i keep em. u love em, u let em go. so aku nak make sure those yg dpt baju2/suar2 sumer2 neh r those yg btol2 tau how to appreciate it, well.


Happy New Year, u guys. Happy 2011~

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