Saturday, December 11, 2010

hate me, no?

hate me, no.

tired of bein kinda down, in deep wit the uncertainty, doubt and feelin numb - aku decided to leave the house for the gym after havin a short nap around 4pm. i need some endorphin to lift me up, at least - feelin good for my own self, sweating a bit and seein new faces at they gym - i cld used some plain chit chat to kill all shait in me. Brian is in - he had a wide smile ear to ear; i knw wat it means, God sake. i gez he's been seein me every now and then - 'jgn ponteng2 lagi' as he said coupla days back. yeah rite. done wit 2hrs - cardio for 45mins and the rest on shoulder and chest; aku balik rumah.

and i hav one more day - Sunday to go thru, trow.


they say life is a journey. it aint a destination. i believe it so - wit all my heart, for life IS a journey. u knw where ur headin - but u never know when ur gonna stop. and how. so howdya knw when u gonna get there?

i gez u knw it better.

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Jerung Rimba Putih said...

is MULK(pic)=drink while u Mumu? hahaha