Monday, December 27, 2010

its.. err.. Moan-day!

had along day yesterday. had to run after my 'running-nose' and drive was not some kinda pleasant thang to do alrite. when everybdy was like 'pasang la ekon', 'panas la..', 'bau asap neh!..' and i was like struggling - sneezing my shait out, drippin - darn! torturous, really. and i shldve done it wit in 4.5 or 5 hrs from KB to Ipoh - but then - it took me like 6.5hrs, really. argkh. yeah rite - slow and steady and win the race. i tot no more? it shld be like 'fast and furious - and win the race'? hehe.. mak will definitely goes gu-gu if she knows dis. haha

in the ofc alrdy. had a bad nite - i hardly sleep. it was 2.15am in the morn., and i was there tossin up and down, dammit. i am not sure y. the aircond was on, but i was still feelin kinda warm and uneasy. and sweating too! heh. by 3am baru terlena.. and 4.30am - i was wide awake and tak bley tido anymore. pack my gym bag, ke hulu ke hilir cari towel kecik, baju and suar track and such.. by 6am - aku dah clad in my baju keje - wit tie and such, and had my rambut done! yeah - i had my hair sprayed - for the first time yeah. call me unkempt today - i'll kill u.

my pigeon-hole penuh as expected. and aku dah set my head - there'll be more work, yeah. and indeed - dis whole week is goin to be bloody hectic, i believe.

hate it. or love it - its Monday. darn life has to go on!

shait - i lurrrrrrrve Monday. yeah. like no other. more than a cold, chilled Seasons ice-lemon tea.. *yawn*

co-incidence? heh. i dun believe in one!
but these surely hell, make my Monday groovy! hehe

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putera said...

wow! nice card! "I MISS YOU TOO"..
erkk!!! bley? haha.. btw, have a nice day sir!