Thursday, December 9, 2010


woke up early today - not dat i cant sleep well, but i do. i was sleeping like a baby - surprisingly. around 5.30am aku dah bgun and terus hit the shower, Subuh dah masuk. its not like every morning aku tak dgr azan - but dis mornin it hits my senses dat how beautiful it is, how calm and nice it is - to sit and just listen to the azan - it goes down to the spine - the feelin is beyond any explanation.

done wit Subuh, aku turun bawah and get my Nescafe - the big Starbucks mug - ready, wit all those bloody pills beside it. heh. naik balik siap2, aku thank God since semlm awal2 lagik before hit the Mumuland, aku dah siap iron sumer. purposely aku choose baju2 yg dah lama berkurun aku tak pakai, and suar ber-plate. nampak keji it is, (the pants dat is) tp biar la.. students r not around, lecturers pun ramai tak keje, it is not like i am goin off for clinical teaching pun - will stay pun doin thgs in my room je. i dun even think to put on the tie pun, yeah. euw.

dah siap sumer. nak turun minum, panas kete and aku shall off hit the road la.. its cuti skol, i knw. no super-moms flying here and there kat atas jalan tu - tp be it, lagik awal, clagi cpt aku bley sort out thgs, and lagik byk aku bley settle keje insyaAllah.

its a brand new day. i wont look back - i will jst walk tall, wit my head held high yeah.

wish me luck. the whole wide world of it.

u hav a great day, guys!


Encik Bell (beLalaNG) said...

good luck shahe!!! have fun at ur workplace ...:)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

u too, bro. hav a great day, ahead!