Tuesday, December 21, 2010


woke up at 6am, after like so many times the alarm snoozing like shait - aku felt so malas nak jump outta bed - nak iron baju, nak mandi, nak kemas katil, nak kuar pi keje etc. huargkhhh.. tho its the last day (i dun think its gonna be a full day pun! muahaha) at work for the week - tp, i still hav to go to the ofc., i need to clear up coupla thgs b4 aku leave the ofc., behind. heh. aku shldve crashed early last nite. despite of dat - aku was lingering up and down the house - i aint sure of wat i am doin anyway - but i am telling u; after done wit the McD Delivery, aku felt so bloated dat aku nak tido, tp tak bley. cemaneh? aku ended up online for coupla hrs., and did some channel-surfin on the idiotbox.

beg belum kemas. baju suar bagai tak kuarkan lagik. mati la kena leter mcm neh. hehehe.. kena balik awal la mcm ni kan? kang tak sempat nak packing.. *bley?*


aku decided to rempit to work je today. not dat i do dis all the time - but lately, i am. i dun knw - i am kinda on teh cloud of lazy-ness lately. aku go to work in short-sleeves wit no tie on, in khakis, loafer instead of kasut keje yg ada heel tu (not hi-heel, eh!), and rempit to work. aku remember Kak Ton the CC tnya aku, 'naper nampak chomot lately neh?' and 'mandi ke tak' (haiyooo!). but then - student tak de. i mean - i love to be as simple as it is to work, and i gez dis is the time laa..

and rempit to work - damn, i am so lovin it. despite cuaca tak menentu lately, tp tak pe la - kalo nak ujan, kita balik la awal.. erk. hahaha.. rempit to work can be thrillin sometime. riding ur bike at the mid of line putih tu, passing all the others can be adrenaline- ga ga. stopping at red light, and pecut-ing - leavin the others behind while it turns green can be so rewarding - i cant help to hav dis announcer-like screamin shait out mcm kat Cub Prix saying, 'tu dia.. Shah is leavin all the rest behind..' echoing in my head. hahaha

heh. jgn ujan dah. i mean - jgn ujan seblm aku smpai rumah larr..

ok tak?
err.. nak pi set rambut jap.


sHaH said...

u nak set rambut.. LOL!!!

jerry maguire, jr. said...


Josh said...

Shasha, how come you got that jacket and I don't, and never did??

*Terus merajuk.


jerry maguire, jr. said...

Joshie -

duh, its a lama one laarrr.. bet they come up wit a new design!

but i love dis, really. i feel like peg technician or somethg. ngeee..

Josh said...

Shasha, like i said, they never did (never come up with new one, and never give any to me).
Haishh..... *merajuk again. hahahahaha

Well, can u come and fix my office's light please?