Saturday, December 25, 2010


Woke up at 10am, aku started to feel as if there some kinda lump stuck down there in my throat. And my body temp - i dun knw, but i believe dah mula spiking up, alrite. Mata wit a plain discharge. Head spinning constantly. Mulut dah rasa tastelessness. So there i am, in bed like arnd the clock.. bgun tdo, mkn, take my med., and smbg tdo. I knw theres nthg wrong to hav a fever. Its jst a plain sign - askin me to slow down, perhaps. To deal well wit my nutrition intake. To hav a proper rest. To stay away from the cold aircondition like 24/7 for i knw it cld push my immunity down to the drain. But then, i prefer not to hav any fever. Its sickening, really. In bed all the time and incapable of doin anythg, at all. Argkh. I need to be well, real soon. Its gonna be a long journey, trow.

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