Thursday, December 23, 2010


Village Park @ Damansara Uptown.

done wit my early morn aptment at PC, aku catch a cap and hit the room. golek2 jap, and Ted called me - since dah janji semlm - he's on leave till next i think dis is the only time to catch him and go hav som mkn2, during the day time. by 10am somethg - Ted dah tepi jalan, picking me up. it was like 10am s'thg, certainly most of the kedai mkn pagi dah start tutup kedai - and not knwing where to go, aku serah bulat2 the decision on him. and he decided to bring me to dis Village Park, in Damansara Uptown. kinda far dr hotel aku - but its ok. 

reaching the kedai -the road itself was so freakin pack. sumer double parkin. Ted assured me - nthg to worry of, since the food 'mmg sedap, i selalu lepak2 sini kalo nak mkn more than jst a plain nasik lemak'. he recommended me to try the nasik lemak ayam goreng. and so  we decided to hav 2 nasik lemak ayam goreng (one for each, of course), roti daging, me sirap bandung cincau and gez wat? i was havin two gelas besar of dat, alone. sedap weh!

well, the nasik lemak is definitely the best aku ever had, i think. the nasik was light, fluffy and infused wit a trong aroma of santan, kinda biasak la kan - nama pun nasik lemak. but the best part of it is the sambal itself! sedap siot. pedas giler, tp its kinda pedas yg makes u want more. gtew. very addictive. kejap je aku habeskan - tinggal Ted terkudap2 sorg2. i think i cld wallop a few more bowls wit jst the sambal, alone.

and the roti sambal - nice. tp since perut dah penuh, aku started to come up wit multi-excuses; the sambal daging apparently kinda pedas - yg lekat kat mulut and makes u feel like berasap.. and aku started to berpeluh2 giler. 

Syam the charming and supabz man dtg join sekejap.. and off balik ofc upon receiving a call from his fren. sian dia - tak sempat mkn. baru nak sembang2.

and mlm ni? satay willy. yayyy!


ADfeez said...

wow , makan makan makan... hehe
enjoy ur time :)

2L2M.... said...

sedap kan?? tak order Milo dia ke?? hehehe