Wednesday, December 8, 2010


a fren of mine was complaining about hair fall. he's a good fren of mine - and he's not in a medical filed pun. i gez - he called me to share a thg or two, to ventilate it seems! he told me he was combing his hair after shower the other day, and theres a lot of hair falling! he told me dat he's young still *puke*, so y is he losing hair? i told him - nah, i dun really knw wat to tell actually - dat he need not to be dat melodramatic about it. i'm sure its jst stress-related or has smthg to do wit his lack of nutrients. or perhaps - its because his scalp doesnt like the shampoo he's using, or dat diet is out of whack. who knws! after all - i aint like those guys yg bekerjasama wit Sunsilk to produce dis and dat. gosh - i am no expert when it comes to hair - for i hardly hav some pun. i mean - i hav a good healthy hair, of coz. tho it aint thick like some ppl out there. but then - i jst dun like the idea of havin hair above my head pun. at time being la.

so i told him better to buy the best hair loss shampoo available out there, or consult a doc., change his diet or somethg, remove the stress thag in life, and lead a good healthy life-style katanyer. or may be jst wait until it goes away.. and then dats the time when he asked me, 'wait till it goes away wat? my hair?'. and he left me wit, 'err..'. hahaha.. susah2, i told him - botak je. 'mcm aku neh..'.

so which do u think is the best advice? haha

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