Monday, December 27, 2010


i am havin am mess-up mind now. i dun knw wat to think. or to do. i wanted to make a call - but i aint sure if its ok. i finally did - and it left to no avail. i wanted to text some msges - i aint sure wat to say. i wanted to tell how i feel - dammit i knw it aint rite for at time being - its not about me myself and i hav to stop bein a one freakin sicko, selfish kinda guy - it aint about me - its the other person dat matters now. i wanted to to ask 'wats up' and how thgs goes - but apparently, it aint rite. i mean - how do u expect some ppl who r in deep shait to answer u to such fuckin q? dammit. it left me muddlin wit my tots, my feeling, my scary shait - i dun knw how to put em all into words.

dammit i hope thgs r gonna get better. i hope thgs wldnt be dat bad. i hope everythg will be under control.

if anythg goes wrong - dammit; i wont forgive myself. i dun knw how am i goin to deal wit it, freakin shait.

Ya Allah, pls. do show em the way. help em out. for they deserve better than dis.

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