Tuesday, December 28, 2010


at time like dis - it feels like ur runnin all over the places, looking and begging for some other's time - dat they'll spend some of their very precious time for u - to jst listen to u. to jst talk to u. but i gez, it aint dat easy. dis is the time when u knw where ur at. who u really r then. no, i am not blaming others for dis - everybdy has their own limitation. everybdy has own needs to fulfill. their own thang to settle, to be done and such. and its a huge mistake to put my own value into others dat 'y others cant do it - when i am in need; when all dis while - dats wat i've been doin for em' kinda thang. of course there r frens dat care - i am honored. but those who pretend as if they r, well dats really hurt.

its ok. i gez i am lonely. pathetic. i knw by doin dis - by writing dis out, i'd feel better.

i'll get thru dis. thgs will be jst OK. and i learn a lot, as well. dis is a lesson of life. life is a process - u hav no choice, except to go thru it well.

and i gez - dats exactly wat i am doin.

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