Monday, December 27, 2010


i wasnt in the rite to mood to work, at all. and since theres nthg much left for me to deal wit, down there in the office - aku left early - i need to console my freaked up mind. i need to vent out. hit to the gym wit the think of - i'd drain off my bloody fcuked up energy into a some kinda positive thang. but unfortunately - it proves me wrong. the gym was crowded. the music blasted so loud dat i feel like - dammit, i am so outta place. after like 30mins mingled around not really knwing wat to do - aku packed and leave.

cant help myself - i made a call. i was jst tryin my luck, really. i cant help to hope for somethg good. and i cant help to cling on - for at least there'd be somethg nice for me to hear, really. but then - unfortunately, it aint.

i dun knw who i can turn to at time like dis. i dun knw who can i talk to, really. thgs might be silly for someone out there dat 'u jst take a breather, thgs wld be jst ok' - but i went thru dis alrite. years back. and i aint goin to let the same thg happens to one dat i love, God sake. they deserve better. way better. perhaps, theres one or two thgs yg btol - i am the culprit.

i cant think str8. and dis headache started to bother me like shait. i jst want thgs to get better. i jst want thgs to get the way it is, before.

aku marah. geram. theres so many scumbags out there who dun even deserve to stay alive. they love to interfere. they love to create some kinda shait - and when thgs when wild - they'd stand by the side, and watch.

i'll find u, douche bag. i'll make u comprehend how it is like - to be a real asshole..

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