Tuesday, December 28, 2010


crashed early last nite, at about 11pm or somethg. but then - it din make a change. i hardly close my eyes. at 3am - i was wide awake, stayin up in my study room - tryin to figure out wat to do. havin kinda lite-headed, i knw it aint gonna a good day for me - ahead. if its for the LP Meeting dat i hav to attend today, i'll mght as well take a day off and confine myself back at home.

i've been thinkin a lot, last nite. about wat shld i do, where i am headin to. again - dis is aint about me dat i hav to much ado of. i ended up makin a pack dat i hav to stand tall for the one dat i care - no matter how, and no matter wat it is.

for dats the least dat i can do, now.

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