Wednesday, December 29, 2010


who says life is fair?
ur mum? heh. grow up!

ur blessed. i am, as well. i mean - all of us, really. u may think dat u hav challenges in life, and they suck big time - but trust me, u hav so many blessings, too. sometimes it takes only a moment of conscious effort to recognize those blessings - jst dat we r too bz sayin life treatin us like shait. and we started to forget how bless it is for us to be around still - livin life, and such.

once u focus on the gifts instead of the problems - ur whole perspective will change, and u will see blessings in everythg. and they r everywhere.



life is kinda tuff for me, lately. i wish i cld jst spill em all out in ere - but i think i'd better off keep em all in perspective. too much info wldnt do good, s'times - i remember TimTam told me before. all i can say is - it gives me a 'good' reality check on myself. i've been drifted away for so long.

but then - i am blessed. i am learning of every single thgs dat happened to me. tho it hurts, tho i cant help goin thru the same lane - again and again.. i bet - i aint the same like wat i am before. i may look vulnerably unstable - but i knw, deep in me - i am stronger. life is too precious to weep it away. i shld celebrate it, like everyday.

i'd love to stay the way i was - way before. for the time being.

and count the blessing. heh.


Jerung Rimba Putih said...

of coz its fair... selalu betul pun boring jugak kan? :)

Timtams said...

My heart skipped a beat wen u mentioned my name just now!! I wished I remember my own words & follow them, but sometimes i just feel just as fucked up as the next person next to me....I just hide it well & keep things bottled inside.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Jr _ clndt agree more..

TT - i remember em all well!