Tuesday, November 9, 2010

y u so obsess (not wit me).

a fren of mine dtg bilik lunch time tadik - askin me dis and dat regarding OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. i aint sure y she's askin me regarding dat behavior; i dun feel like knowing much pun, she mght not feel like to answer pun.. so aku jwb secukup rasa je la.. but by the time she left - it hits me rite thru. and it makes me thinkin. i gez everybdy ada a bit of obsessive nyer behavior, plus compulsive - u never know! but then - wld dat makes u kinda abnormal? how normal ru then? how abnormal is abnormal? err..

i hate to take bath and use the towel when my towel tak kering btol - especially time2 ujan mcm neh. it makes me feel so uncomfortable; as if i am re-applyin all my dead skin cells back on my body. and yeah - wet towel - good medium of bacterial growth. argkh! and i'll think twice or even thrice kalo nak masuk bilik air (tandas especially) yg tak der selipar in it. erk - how do u walk around stepping ur feet on dat kinda wet floor? damn i cant think! and aku will hav dis tot again and again - mak ckp kalo masuk bilik air tak pakai selipar.. nanti cacing masuk ikut kaki.. then biak dlm perut. euw. dats gross!!

and aku hav to go for mandi manda terlebih dahulu after masuk rumah - be it from where ever i am - sebelum aku jump into my boxer kain pelikat watever not. the tot of aku go changing and walk around the house - especially baru balik dr keje is so tak-bley-terimable. erm - may be aku dah biasa.. ko dun expect balik dr spital terus peluk cium minimons and such - u mght transfer thgs u dun want to those ppl dat u love.. and i've been reminding me dat for yrs. and skang - even kalo aku kuar pi kedai mamak beli tapau pun - still aku kena mandi and change. kejis tak? ermmm.. and yeah - sleeping at nite in where ever u like at home - i mean, like everywhere.. except for bilik air and dapur la kot. and porch, yeah. bagi aku - tido mlm equal to bilik tido lah! mana lagik? infront of the idiotbox? no no. unless terlelap - itu lain. still aku will definately gigih crawl upstairs to my own room, my own bed. heh.

aku love doin laundry, but not lipat2 kain - it doesnt masuk akal at all. bg aku la.. so bila dah buat laundry - ko kena la sidai kain main bagai tu rite? the thg is about sidai kain neh - aku hav my own rule. kain kena sidai ikut 'sistem' dan 'kategori2' tertentu. kain pelikat et al kat belakang skali, seluar bagai kat row second behind dan yg dpn2 - yg kecik2-u-know-wat. even kalo u hang the shirts and such pun - aku ada 'sistem' tertentu. tshirts belong to one corner while baju keje/formal is in another. no such campur2. aku refuse to expose to thgs yg bley buat aku sewel time2 nak cari baju and such. and aku remember - mak did teach me dis, and i found it to be kinda nice and easy to practice. so - i am not crazy rite?

time mkn is another thang. i need my meja mkn to be clear up post-meal. no left-over left, on the meja makan. kalo ada, dump em back dlm periuk belanga. or else, keep em dlm fridge. y u need to keep em cold atas meja, tutup dgn tudung saji etc and let all kinda bacteria growth - and then u happily ever after mkn mcm tu je? argkhh!! and nak mkn - food need to be serve hot. kalo direct from the fridge and u hav to eat - better off not. tp tak la semua, kan. u need not to boil back ur agar-agar or pudding jst to make it hot so aku bley mkn, kan? heh. eat while it hot - less bacteria roamin in ur food - so u'll be ok. no cirit-ribit watsoever. and dat makes sense eh?

and picit toothpaste - it has to be dr bawah ke atas. no such picitlah-sesuka-suki-mak-ayah-ko kinda thang. payah! try tgk - picit dr bawah.. when ur done, dah abes - off to tong sampah it is w/o further gado2 nak picit2 lagik bagai.

btw - y i am tellin u all dis? heh i feel like washin my dirty linen in the public gtewww.. hahaha.. i mean - so wat? i knw everybdy ada dis kinda thang. cuma perhaps - u refused to admit it je - so dat ppl will think dat ur 'normal'. but again - how 'normal' is 'normal' while ppl seein ur doin the same thg again and again - w/o u even noticing it?

and the morale is?



Ez ChaEz said...

shahe ...

rupanya kita punya tabiat yg hampir sama ... surprisingly like i was reading abt myself.. what a coincidence .. well, that's life.. right? if u r happy with what u r doing, it's a routine as it keeps a smile on ur face.. u r such an abg long .. ;-) ...

Fitrah Semulajadi said...

owhh itu normal lah bagi saya
bcause we have our own system. as i know OCD is like all the thing that he or she does must achive that expecttion. they want all the thing they do is very perfect
and they also believe they is perfect then other. most potray example is Brie Van De Kamp dalam DH