Wednesday, November 10, 2010

while u can..

sometimes, we tend to forget to enjoy the moment - all the small thgs in life. we get caught up in our bz schedules, in the pettiness of our everyday experiences, dat we simply forget to appreciate the blessings and the lil thgs dat matter. our lives r like a jumbled mess wit a bit of everythg thrown in it. when was the last time u actually paused for a while, a think? when was the last time u looked in the mirror and smiled becoz u liked wat u saw? when was the last time u jst sat still and thanked God dat ur still alive? when was the last time u stepped outside - looked at the dark sky at nite - enjoying the stars, the moon up ur head and and appreciated the beauty of ur surroundings?

instead of bein worry all the time - lets take a minute everyday to be grateful. even if its jst a minute - a few sec maybe - to enjoy somethg, no matter how small it is. forget the wt. scales for a while and devote one day jst eating all ur fav food. take a day off from work - and go to places u've dyin to go for yrs. or perhaps - spare a few minutes after work - for a walk around and discover thsg u never think of, before. and take an hr break for ur own self. devote more time for the love ones.

and jst enjoy being alive - while u can!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash.. :)