Monday, November 8, 2010


for the first time (somehow or rather) - aku decided aku shld be doin thgs the way others wld love doin it - anythg at all. i've been goin around to places, do thgs the way i wanted it to be - but dis time around; it wldnt be a biggie if i'd go wit the flow.. i started to realize dat all dis while - i am the one who decided in doin thgs (tho i knw i aint good in makin decisions - i hate doin one, dats the fact).. but life is - it aint about u (or me) all the time. its about 'us' - the fmly, the love ones etc. i'd be honored to do thgs the way they want it to be. for by doin so - i bet i'd make em happy. i bet - i'll hav some memory to bring around, for making others happy and smiling all the way - wldnt be dat easy. rite?

i'll make sure dat i'll the chance of doin dis, God sake. and i pray to God above - i'll hav the strength, the time and such.

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