Saturday, November 13, 2010


by 3.30pm - i am done wit the marking. but since budak2 r havin my own paper - MCQ and MEQ back to back from 2.30 to 4.30pm; i decided to stay back for a while. i was kinda nervous wanting to knw wats the questions out (especially MEQ) and hows the stdnts dealing wit it. alhamdulillah - i think MCQs r kinda tuff alrite, tp budak2 ni nampak cool je.. bley la jawab kot. jgn cool je, tp flop sumer2. mati aku nak menjawab! and MEQs - 1) Schizophrenia, 2) Psychosis/Neurosis. heh. another bonus kinda soklan. syukur since aku did discussed wit em all dis both questions. tak bley jwb jugak - aku nak resign. bley?

smpai rumah - dah dkt pkul 5pm. prot lapar, and i was thinkin it'd be nice to hav cucur bilis wit bawang byk2 plus my fav tea-o-panas2. and so be it - we r havin dat for tea. minimons sibuk nak giv me their hands - tp sorang je lekat dapur - si nonet chumil neh. she was there dr aku bancuh tepung, bancuh air, gaul tepung, potong bawang bagai smpai makan dgn aku! hahaha.. kinda fun tgk dia gaul tepung and wit in a sec., muka pun bertepung. and rasa mcm slot SRT plak.. when she's learning dis and dat - asking me ere and there, wanting to know most of the thang. heh.

cucur atas dapur, aku do the laundry too. esok tak sempat sice 8am aku dah kena ada kat ofis.. :-(


kinda piss off wit some ppl yg tak kenal aku - esp on the FB; tp acting like they know me for ages. jst by browsing my pics - seeing me posing wit dis and dat - walllaaaaaaa! here comes the conclusion. assumption. argkh - aku will definitely boooo-layan dis kinda ppl. generalization is a big mistake for me. who ru to judge me? heh. aku rasa nak delete je such ppl. menyemak je.


think i shld be quitting dis. dis hide and side kinda thang - i am tired.

ramas dek.. ramas!
erk, cuci tgn tak tadik?

i loike..

in the making!

posing sekejap
sebelum mula makan!


timtams said...

Damia's a mini masterchef in the making!!

achik ezam said...


lucky nyalah sesapa yg be your someone's special....

take a rest k..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Timtams - she really is! haha

Achik - the minimon or the megamon? hehe