Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tak mo raya! huwaa..

done wit the marking - aku was about to leave the building when aku dgr Pengarah berjalan masuk biling pengajar - and aku pun.. as usual belek2 le pe patut on my meja. tot he'd go passing my room but he wasnt - he stopped infront of my bilik's door, push the door, stepped in sebelah kaki - sua his head masuk in between the door and 'Shah, come to my room - i need to see u for a while'. i was like.. *gulp!*. usually he'd jst call me thru the phone. or paling kokak - sms je. and stepping in my room yg like 8 -5 mp3 all over, was somethg yg.. erm, weird.

so - berkematu la aku ngadap tadik. dkt sejam. nope - dun get me wrong. dia tak marah or dia tak leter pun. cuma aku telah 'ditabalkan' untuk jadi Penyelaras for dis new coming budak2 yg nak enroll 1 Jan nanti - K28. huarggggggggggggggkhhh! i've been running around for years, belajar silat tepis so dat aku never appointed to be one - but finally - shait. and gez wat? Mr Zul my senior will assist me. will assist me? God Lord - i mght ended up doin the whole freakin job - fuckin alone.

other than dat - the usual thang. he's tryin to 'psiko' me tellin dis and dat 'ur having the potential', 'i know ur good at dis and dat' etc etc and i was jst sit there havin dis cynical smile on my face. darn i think he forgot whom he's talkin to. i remember tellin him off last time, 'if u want to 'psiko' me sir, i think u got the wrong person' kinda thang.. and by the time he saw me smiling like dat - he stopped all those bunga2 thang God sake. heh. i aint gonna buy dat shait! hahaha


damn i lose my appetite nak lunch ari neh. i'd be super duper bz God freakin sake. huwaaaaa..

tak mo raya la mcm neh!! *yeah, rite!*


Mr. Firdaus said...

wah jd penyelaras K28.
k28 will be one heck of a group under u sir. Salute!
hehehe, gud luck sir :D

Jerung Rimba Putih said...

freakin' smile u got there huh? lol =)