Friday, November 5, 2010

roti wit sekaya. or sekaya wit roti?

I am sori. I jst cant help myslf. Yeah, i knw - off days, eat sleep wit no exercise makes me turn out to be from a sloth, to a Mandy. Heh. But its roti wit sekaya. How cld i resist? May be u dun knw why, but dats my bloody fav beside so many other thgs. Yeap, roti wit sekaya. Or as Azman always buat lawak of it - its 'sekaya wit roti'. A slice of roti wit a lot of sekaya on it. Wit tea o panas - well, dats an option. Damn its sekayagasm. Its better sex. Erk, i thk. No. But i mean, in a way, yeah. And each time i hav roti wit sekaya (or anther way around), aku cant help thinking of those great days aku kat Redang - 6 of us there at one of the resort. Damn i had a hell great of time - beside aku love beaches and the sea so much, surrounded wit ppl dat i love - the resort hidang us roti and sekaya wit no limit at all, amöng few other drinks et al. And gez wat? Sekaya Yeo's yg dlm tin tu. Haiyo! Sawan aku. Each time i had some sekaya and roti - they'll go kutuk aku saying dat aku 'sawan sekaya' and such. But the fact is - damn, i cant help myslf. Erm, rindu plak to dat kinda time.. Redang, sekaya.. *sigh* damn if i ask for more - i'd love to turn bck time to dat particular time. Apart the sekaya thang, dat Redang thang was one of the best thg happened in my life. Its the start of a new thg, dat aku treasured so much - up till now. I was glad aku ikut dat trip, which it was out of nowhere, aku jst said 'yes' and ikut. And it was the best thang in life, really. Darn how time flies. Wait, from sekaya to Redang. And now wat? Heh. I gotta finish dis roti sekaya, and dis kejap-lagik-sejuk tea-o panas..
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