Friday, November 19, 2010

quitters never win. so?

you cant win all the time. but does dat matters?

for all of us - there r the ups and downs of life. everyone of us. wat u lose on the roundabouts - u make up on the swings, as any fair ground man will tell u. life's like dat.

so it is wit us all, and we must be prepared to take the rough wit the smooth? no one gets by. to the eye of the bystanders - some may appear to get all the smooth. only those privileged to see behind the scenes knw the burdens or the trials other hav to bear.

some expect to win all the time. but life isnt like dat - whether it be in a game of football, or a game of life. it wld not be good for us is we always won. we r strengthened by our trials, our struggles, our defeats God sake. ur not beaten when life knocks u down. ur only beaten if u stay down. u see - if u stay down. the test is to see wat we can do wit defeat.

so i gez - we gotta ask ourselves; when faced wit a defeat - wat can we learn from dis?

i dunno.

u hav a great Friday then. and TGIF, anyway.

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Jerung Rimba Putih said...

be tough than before.. sometimes.