Monday, November 8, 2010

not-so-manic Monday! (yayy!!)

dats the thang. i finally figured out dat i dun really hate Monday - the fact is - i kinda fear of Monday.

crashed early last nite - around 10.30pm aku dah in bed. i wasnt dat lena pun - tossing up and down - sedar2 dah 5.30am before aku off the alarm and kelam kabut like hell bila sedar2 - damn! it was alrdy 6.15am in the morn! mandi2, iron baju, minum2 and off i go.. i remember havin dis worry tots - wats in store for me, since its been like a week aku off from the office. the memos and such - workin ere is like u hav to get ready for any possibility. semuanya terkejut tergempar. and my concern dis time around is - s/ada nama aku naik or not marking luar dis time around. kalo kena Sabah/Sarawak - sah2 la aku dah kena in the belon rite now! or Alor Star/Seremban.. but then - aku pelik since aku remember calling Ajak up askin dis and dat regarding the exams and such - he told me 'ntah, tadak pe2 memo pun.. mcm tak jadi exam je' kinda thg. pulak!

but then - alhamdulillah. masuk je office - pigeon hole aku ada few cards, invitations, and only one memo sajort - jadual pra-klinikal budak2 neh after the paper nanti. heh! legaaa ati cheQ. so - aku masuk office, masak air, edit2 gambar and sambel layan2 few stdnts yg kuar masuk settle kan dorang nye buku log.


went of for brunch dgn Fazly and Aiman - staf office. apparently dorang pun kucing-tadak-tikus-lari2 since CC Ton and Pengarah not in. kejis kan? ni la sumer bakal2 kena tnya kat akhirat nanti since curi tulang and blind salary.



at the back of my head - theres so many thgs i need to clear off. i am not sure if i am ok or not - or perhaps; as usual - i am tryin to be ok, tryin to show dat i am ok - wheres deep in me - God knws. i hav to console myself - for nbdy wld do dat for me. i hav to tell myself dat thgs r gonna be ok - for nbdy wld say dat to me as well. i mean - of course - i hav ppl around me yg really care for me.. telling me thgs wld be jst fine - but then..


prot kenyang. mata makin berat. and dis stdnts - i am thinkin of shoooo-ing em all off. heh.

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