Wednesday, November 10, 2010

life's like dat..

i'll be crashing soon. its been a long day - a journey dat is - all day. its not like i never been dis way before, but i sort of tired goin thru the same path again and again. nothg much. as usual. no news is a good news. and they told me dat i gotta wait for at least another 2 weeks, for anythg at all - same old lame. its not like i never heard it before.

i am havin the ep. every now and then. kinda scary but i gez dats the way it is. when theres nthg much u can do about it - i gez u'll somehow hav dis frame of tot in ur mind - wat ever will be, will be. not dat i am givin up - jst dat i refused to hav much expectation on somethg dat i dun knw how its gonna be.

cant wait for trow. i need some new thgs, a new day so i cld leave all dis shait behind. and move on.

theres so much pain to bear, hell yeah. but i gez - dats the way it is. life's like dat!