Thursday, November 18, 2010

life is.. again.

life is?

most of us at some time in our lives hav had, or looked forward to an exciting journey. very often it is not jst the journey - but wat we as individuals put into it. we look at it in a certain way; we permeate it wit somethg dat is in ourselves - the events become alive wit the exuberance of our own spirit. a child - for example; goes o an outing into the country or to the sea. the dat - the journey, every minute is fraught wit excitement.

life is a journey and it shld be an exciting journey wit its ups and downs, its uncertainties, its joys and sorrows, its trials and tribulations, its successes and failures. its the variety, the uncertainty dat shld make it exciting enuff, for these r the spices of life.

life concerns us all. we hav many books about life and how to live it. about dis and dat in life, to live life. there r books in which the author simply said dat life begins at forty. nother writes dat life begins at fifty. at fifty? Lord. but where does life begins? i firmly believe dat from the time we r born, it can be an excitin, adventurous journey of trial and error, exploration and discovery. so long as we look on life as a road along which we fins new experiences, new knwledge, new learning, we shall continue really to live; and the variety of our experiences will carry us on the end.



i dun knw wats in my head. think i shld hit my crib now, for a while.

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