Sunday, November 14, 2010

ku-ku day..

started as early as 8am, i was thinking - darn wat kinda Sunday is dis? i shldve be in bed till noon. or perhaps, i shldve be in Padang Polo doin my week-end jog there - on the positive side. but then - i was in the office wit others - all wit sour kinda faces - doin the marking. we need to get thgs done for theres lot more coming, and ada pulak cuti Raya Eid ul Adha in between - making thgs more complicated and 'terpaksa mengejar masa' as Mr Bong said (again and again - puke). ask me how i feel i'd love to giv a big dusssssh on ur face. i was jst sit there among others wit my own bundle of papers, wit my mp4 stuffed up my ears - and off i did the marking. do well, u get more marks. answer shait damn i'll make u re-sit. fair enuff.

leaving home now. wit the sun rite on ur head drives me 'ku-ku' now. i only hav one thang in my head now - my cozy bed. shait i wanna jump and dive in it by the time i reach home.

and i aint gonna do nothg today. i feel like appreciating my free time - stayin back at home.

and sleep, hell yeah. see ya! hav a pleasant Sun-day, yo!

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