Sunday, November 7, 2010

KK Wakaf Bharu, sucks.. Bigtime.

I wont be coming in ere again, God sake. I'd rather go for some bet better services, shait. I was ere from early before the dawn, and it doesnt change a thang. The staffs r like passing by, so many of em - and damn, they r so fcuking bloody bz for-i-dunno-wat. By 7.30am, the pts flooded in, the registration went so snail-ly slow. Now dat it nearly reached 10am, yet theres nthg changed to the crowd and i started to feel suffocate. I gez dis is the way it is - the fact how 'excellent' the public service, is. I dun thk i can bear dis. I am goin off, be it even AOR d/c God sake.


Nawiderahman said...

Wish all doctors will take heed to your note Shahe

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Prof - i wish!