Friday, November 5, 2010

its Fry-day! Fly-day?

And aku still in bed. Hav coupla thgs in mind nak buat, but then it aint dat heavy dat aku started to 'jap lagi la..'. Argkh, my bad. From bed thru dis window, i cld see air kat bndang dah naik - there was a heavy downpour smlm, till i am not sure wat time it is. And its raining 'anjing and kucing' still at time azan Subuh. Erm, wat a breezy morn., where u can hardly feel the heat of the sun while its kinda dah terang thru ur window dat much - damn i bet i can jst fall asleep again at anytime, at all. The sound of the gals' voices dwnstairs - i bet they r havin sthg goin on down there in the kitchen.. darn i'm smellin of sthg good. And aku wonder where and wats up wit the minimons; it nvr feels dis 'tenang' before! I hav thgs marchin up my mind as well - but.. i dun knw. I mght as well as leave em, as it is. Owh, btw - g'morn., folks. Happy Diwali to my Hindu frens. And happy holiday, to the rest.. Gotta hit the shower, now.

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