Friday, November 12, 2010

head injury.


3rd days and we r still doin the markin. exams r still running, next Monday will be the last OSCE around and i dun hav to rush down to the Skill Lab no more after dis. its not like those were the days when all lecturer were send down to KL, confined in a hotel and do the marking. those days were gone. KKM is so 'kedukut', belanja berhemah katanyer. watever. so - as expected - decentralized marking is full of dugaan. and aku hate to be so 'taat setia' while all the other senior can fool around being Chipsmore - kejap ada kejap tadak kinda thang - since ur doin the marking at ur own place. nak amek anak la, nak kuar beli beras la, nak amek bini la, ada appointement dgn students la, nak hypo la so kena kuar makan (motip? walhal meals provided 3 times a day!) and such. so - dis time around, i wont me En Shah yg lepas2 dah.. those ppl r learning who En Shah now, is. u do ur own thang, and i'll do mine. if ur not done wit urs, i aint gonna be ur sweet boi to help u out.. bley?

and dealing wit ur own students' papers is way much tougher. w'pun berbueh2 molot, berpuluh2 kali hilang suara selara makan bagai buat revision class and such - study past yrs questions watever not - still tak bley jwb. yg paling geram and sdey (in dis case - my paper dat is) w'pun keluar 2 soalan past yr questions and i was like repeatedly discuss dat particular question - time jwb soalan, jawab ikut suka suki. aku frust giler. ada la dlm 5 org yg kantoi paper aku.. gez they r not learing. or learning doesnt take place, at all. or perhaps - they r born brain-less. erk. no, sorry. me, being a Humanistic - i believe everybdy ada potential msg2.. my arse. and w'pun senior2 nasihat aku suruh 'push up' the marks (not dat push-up okay!) watevernot.. i din see any reason y. there's no reasonable points left yg aku nak bg markah dah, nak jugak ke aku bg markah ke? markah tang mana? markah on tulis nama, IC dan matrix number dgn btol? owh, pls. be it. if they deserve to fail - let em. aku dah malas..

lagipun - kalo aku bg markah when they r not sepatutnya dpt such markah.. kang kena jawab kat akhirat weh! kowser aku.


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