Sunday, November 7, 2010

good nite!


its been a long day, indeed. starting as early as it can be - aku hate to think it all back again, and i am glad - finally i am home. the ear-piercing naggin dat bore me to death, the unfortunate event, the 'u cannot drive, at all - dun even think of doin it' thang, the sour faces, stranded in place i hate to be and such. i force myself to get thru em all - tho i knw i hav to deal wit the consequences - even now.

damn i wish i cld be talking to someone about it. the serabut-ness in me. the numb feelin dat bugs me. the serba salah feelin dat hits me. i wish i cld hav someone dat wld jst listen - jst listen to me. and no question asked. but then - i dun knw if its possible.

another Monday will come on by. i hope thgs will get better. thgs hav to get better, i knw. i hav no choice - but to get it all better, back on track.

time is runnin fast. i am not sure if i can cope wit all dis, God sake.


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