Wednesday, November 10, 2010


despite crashing early - i cant really sleep. i ended waking up at 6am, which is kinda late for me. being late and waking up to somethg u din even think of havin early in the morn., enuff to make me hate myself pretty well, dat i wish i need not to face the whole day, today. by 6.50am - aku dah in the office. gotta sort out coupla thgs before aku leave the office. dis is aint the day dat i i wanna get thru, but i hav to - for i dun hav any choice left. despite there r a lot of thgs to be done in the office - aku gotta call Pengarah telling him dat i will be back after lunch time. OSCE is running. and marking as well. damn.

gonna be a long day today. kinda numb to all dis shait - and i know i'd be ok.

owh, btw - hav a pleasant day ahead then.

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