Monday, November 15, 2010

fren? wth?

u wanna know how to be a good fren? well, dun make dat kinda face - for i know i aint perfect hell yeah. but i am learnin. and i am tryin. but then - someone gotta tell someone else of dis and dat, rite? and i wanna share u wit dis. pls do agree to disagree - feel free. i am jotting down of wat i believe.


  1. be there for em when they need u - not when u need s'thg from em. good frens dun call up ppl on to tell shait or to request a favor. while knowing ppl dat can help u out is important - its equally important not to abuse the relationship. focus on wat ur fren is goin thru at the moment. ru happy? a lil lonely? maybe they need to talk about the fact they r worried about. watever the situation - put urself second and do listen. i mean - LISTEN. listen to wats bein said directly and implied in their conversation. but remember - fuck urself off if u think ur listenin yet ur hearin. or worst - ur listenin for it'd be a hot bomb for everybdy, to knw!
  2. dun wait for frens to call u. stop doin a missed-calls. make an effort to keep in touch wit ppl. everyone is hell bz, but if u want to maintain good r'ship, u shld be proactive about communications. it doesnt mean u hav to sit on the phone for hrs a day, but it does mean u send email, conventionally a card, a quick call, or a text msges. let them knw dat ur thinkin about em. and if u receive any - pls do learn to appreciate it well. and stop complaining.
  3. respond to em in a timely manner. i think theres nthg more frustrating than sendin a fren a msg, or an email or a note - and havin em ignore it b'coz they r 'freakin bz'. everyone is busy - fcuk shait. is someone is ur fren, u make the effort to be kind to em.. 'dgn ikhlas', dats the word. and if u dun think u can - dun even thik of initiate one. responding to their q's and requests is one way u can do dat - for example.
  4. dun be part of the gossip train. i mean it - the GOSSIP train. bad mouthin ppl u call frens is one of the worst thgs u can do. a fren wont go talkin shait about his/her other fren. a fren will never celebrate stupid issues at the back of his/her fren. stop being an idiot puttin ur brain in ur arse and talk shait about ur fren - for it aint gonna work. dun be catty or talk about em behin their backs. never, ever. dun hang out wit s'one jst so u can go back to s'one else and talk about ur fren. a fren wldnt do dat to his/her fren, God sake. decide if ur someone's fren, or not - and pls, act accordingly. and owh - hell yeah - dun put up good innocent face ya, while ur shittin at ur fren's back. coz it aint gonna work.
  5. pls, be happy for em. be it wat ever it is. ur not em. but they r ur fren. remember - never ever put ur freakin values-wat-ever-it-is into someone else's life - coz dats so bloody wrong. ur not ur frens old mama. they r jst fren of urs. so - take it as it is. and dis may sound ridiculous - but some folks cant be happy at their fren's successes. dun be someone dat only in for complaining about life. when ur fren hits it big - celebrate wit em. when they want to find love - be gracious and supportive when they find it. there is nthg better in the world than havin ppl dat support and care about u. go out of ur way to show ur support for ur fren.

well, think of dis - if ur feelin lonely, and no one giv it a shait about u.. when u feel like u dun hav fren - but ur havin like thousands around u - yet still, ur feelin so alone.. folks, think again - wat hav u done lately.. or wat u've done - all ur life. to ur own fren. for i believe - life's a Karma. wat u giv, is wat u gonna get. wat goes around - will always comes around!

now go say sorry - if u ever hurt ur fren's feeling, God sake. and yeah - get a life, too.



achik ezam said...

antara kawan dan kekasih...

yang mana satu kita utamakan???

**soalan tah papae ntah**

p.s:saya percaya SS adalah seorang sahabat yang baik... :))

Fitrah Semulajadi said...

BFf lebih diutamankan kekasih, bila tahun pon boleh cari hehehhehehee

Mr. Firdaus said...

nice instruction sir.
boleh wat pedoman nih.
ahakss ;p