Thursday, November 4, 2010

erk, wat to do?

Dats the question of the day. Aku woke up early for Subuh, and dozed of for more up till 8.30am. Its a fine easy breezy Thursday morn., God sake. Aku nak je tdo balik, tp mak dah jerit2 suruh turun bwh for breakfast. According to her, air mula dah naik - sawah blkg rumah air dah mula penuh, yet padi tak mesin2 lagi. Kalo lambat, i knw thg will bad. Padi rosak and they'll hav nthg. Tough, i knw. Done wit breakie, aku mandi2 and drive off to Pekan Chabang Empat. The mission is - nak cari paper, and few mags. Readers Digest and Mens Health yg bckdated few months bck yg aku tak sempat baca - most of em aku dah 'khatam' smlm lagi. And i need to get more, to kill time. I had a great off days - starting 4d/3n at Bali, and now 5d/4n kat kg ere in Tumpat. Forget about works, stdnts, ofc politiking and such - for i get to do thgs i love of doin - reading, camera, writing and damn - sleeping. Hehe.. Think of goin down to bendang, mesin padi. Erk. As if. Haha


Jerung Rimba Putih said...

aiyooo.. kang tambah itam manis kang.. muahahaha~~~ **dush2

jerry maguire, jr. said...

tp manis, kan? hehe