Thursday, November 25, 2010


s'times u wish its easy to forget the past or even certain ppl in it. not really forget, but avoid as mush as possible. dun u jst wish dat, sometimes too? u've moved on for real.. finally, ur in dat place where u can say dat ur really ok now.. but ur past still tryin to keep u up wit u and bring u back to the place u've tried so hard to escape from. u dun like bein rude to ppl but s'times, b'coz u dun wanna go back to dat 'place', u tend to say thgs dat may sound rude or uncaring. and then u hate urself for feelin guilty about it too.

i gez - the thg is, s'times circumstances dun allow us to be frens wit everyone, or the ppl we want. dun u think so? do u agree? it sucks big time - but dats the fact. and dats the reality. after all, ur not the only two ppl in dis world. there r other ppl or other feelins dat u hav to take into consideration. its jst not the same anymore. and we hav to make dat conscious decision and stand by it. no use bein swayed. or else, everythg will be for naught.

ppl r always blaming their circumstances for wat they r. i dun believe in circumstances. the ppl who get on dis world r the ppl who get up and look for circumstances they want and if they cant find em, they make em.