Thursday, November 4, 2010


Gals day out. And i aint one, but kinda need to giv sort of manly support on wat they love of doin. Katanye. Heh. Ni la harinya when they suddenly think of 'tak payah masak' day, and decided to spend time out. And they need a man to drive em arnd. To be a 'supir', easy said. Here i am, wit aircnd full blast in the car, MixFM in the air, Coke in my other hand, pampering myslf while all the gals in the house r in their fav saloon - potong rambut, spa kaki tangan, facial wat ever not. Damn i feel like i want one, too. Lama dah tak buat facial. Tp sini, facial for pempuan je. Heh. Aku dah ngantok. Perot penuh dek aiskrim, Coke and keledek grg aku ganyang sorg2. Nak je aku serbu msuk saloon, tarik tgn mini2nyets and ajak balik. Tp tdi, aku b'diri dpn pintu kedai, besar je sign showing 'man; no entry'. Argkh! Tensi.

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