Monday, November 15, 2010

another day..

done wit the OSCE, after the lunch - i off went to the post office to do my thang - it was on the way back when i saw dis thang wit my own eyes and it hits me thru. a small 3 - 4 yo gal, wit a heavy school bag on her back, walking wit her face down - crying. and her mum was walking beside her - obviously wit her angry face, pointing rite to the kid's face, and hitting the kid's head again and again till the gal nearly stumbled by the road side. the gal cried her heart out.. and i passed thru. i keep seein the rear mirror, till both of em disappear from my sight.

i keep on thinkin wat the hell is wrong. and i cant help thinkin wat happen to the lil gal. damn - i cant imagine the way u handle kids - dat way. and i cant imagine how it feels like for u to hit a small kid jst like dat. hows dat feels? aku dg budak2 neh pun - kdg2 aku angin jugak, but i never ever hit em jst like dat. paling abes - aku piat telinga je.. darn aku keep on thinkin about dat lil gal, sampai aku masuk keje.

a long day, today. abes OSCE, terus marking. and theres coupla issues yg buat aku penat, God sake. office-politiking and such. and aku heard coupla seniors saying i'll be handling some heavy post by next sem., aku malas nak fikir. furthermore - i wont be around, dat long pun.

hujan lagik ptg ni. no gym it seems. and no jog certainly.


i wanna write a thang or two about frenship. i had thgs in mind - yet i dun knw hot to put it down at time.

later, perhaps.


singAsong said...

take care and cheer up dear ~

jerry maguire, jr. said...

thanks. and will do!