Tuesday, November 30, 2010


theres one thg i've been keeping to myself - dat i wanna puke it out, i wanna write about it, i wanna share and tell ppl about it - but i jst cant. its the circumstances dat i blame it on. its torturous when u dun really hav someone who really understand - or u do hav - but me, being so selfish dat i am not openin up dat much. and its kinda hurt when ppl keep on judging, guessing, speculating and making up stories when they dun even hav a single fcukin clues about wtf it is all about. i aint blaming others. its me.

but today - i gez its doesnt matters anymore. i am happy. it aint dat biggie like if i can thru a 'kenduri' on it as yet - but its enuff for me to smile thru the day and hav my head clear - so freakin clear - for the first time. and it gives me back my strength - somethg dat at least, i cld hang on to, cling on it well. yeah - i knw. no expectation, as yet anyway. but who cares? i am happy.

i hope there'll be no more sleepless nite. no more driving up and down. no more calls coming in at anytime at all. and no more forcing myself doin shait dat i hate of doin.


learn to giv..

"Our highest power is love, and it is one thing each of us has an unlimited amount of. How much love do you give to others in one day? Each day we have an opportunity to set out with this great, unlimited power in our possession, and pour it over every person and circumstance.

Love is appreciating, complimenting, feeling gratitude, and speaking good words to others.

We have so much love to give, and the more that we give, the more we receive.."


i received dis thru email jst now - someone forwarded it to me. kinda impressive alrite, dat i wanna share wit u ppl out there.. regarding wat is love, how love is and such. its amazing when we keep on sayin dat we r in love, and dat we knw wat love is - but somehow or rather - our reaction is the other way around, and makes the other half of urs - wondering, is dat it? is dis love?

learn to love. and learn to giv - jst like dat. wit no expectation, of course. and they'll come back to u.

coz i knw how it is, really. and i thank God!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sometimes, we want to say dis to someone:
"ur suck. ur insensitive, so bloody inconsiderate, selfish..
cruel, thoughtless mean person who doesnt deserve
to be cared by a person like me.
I wish u cld jst go disappear,
so u cldnt hurt me - anymore!!".

But when we open up our mouth to say it;
it comes out a lil softer like dis, perhaps -
"its ok, i still love u.."

its sucks, i know.
but dats so true.. rite?
u've been thru dat as well?
i knw. been thru dat - but dat was then.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ipoh - kuala kangsar - taiping

pls do the caption,
as u please.

woke up at 10am, aku terus siap2, packing barang and such - start kereta and head for Kuala Kangsar - our first destination, for lunch. mkn tepi Sg Perak - i had a great time. and i believe - the minimons as well. but nothg much. aku rasa air sungai baru je naik - leaving all kinda sore to the eyes. and aku tak faham - tp Sg Perak, KK neh dah selekeh, kotor dan menyampah aku tgk - kotor, bersepah2. rumput2 panjang, lalang.. aiyooo.. apa Majlis Perbandaran buat weh? asyik kuar saman org salah parking ke?

after lunch - we head str8 to Taiping, the zoo to be precise. since aku dah janji dgn budak2 neh. langit dah mendung - aku lagi suka. kalo ujan - aku gladly will skip dis. malas lah! hahaha.. tp by the time sampai zoo - ujan still tak turun2. haha.. so - gigih la menapak masuk zoo and tawaf all over, wit the minimons, mininyets seeing their 'sedara-mara', wit air-krim kat tangan masing2. aku nyesal tak bwk kamera compact je - kamera bagak aku neh zoom tak brp sgt.. nak kena cari lens baru.. :-(

by 4pm, ujan dah mula turun. Taiping, biasak la.. watdya expect. when it comes to ujan2 neh - so unpredictable. so - aku sengih panjang2. sumer minimons beratur masuk kereta, aku angkut sumer2 pi KFC, load em all wit watever they want - so dat by the time they r full - they'll be a nice kid, sleepy. and gez wat - my theory is correct. all the way balik rumah opah dorang - masing2 terbungkang kat belakang. and aku drove wit a free mind. heh!

and by the time aku writing dis - dorang dok berkarate-do, ber-Ultraman Taro watever it is.. riuh giler, kecoh mcm time Gngn Merapi meletup and everybdy like running all over, terjerit2. bley? kdg2 dorang dtg jengok2 aku - aku jerit sket - dorang lari sambung main. haha..

damn. i love dis.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


s'times u wish its easy to forget the past or even certain ppl in it. not really forget, but avoid as mush as possible. dun u jst wish dat, sometimes too? u've moved on for real.. finally, ur in dat place where u can say dat ur really ok now.. but ur past still tryin to keep u up wit u and bring u back to the place u've tried so hard to escape from. u dun like bein rude to ppl but s'times, b'coz u dun wanna go back to dat 'place', u tend to say thgs dat may sound rude or uncaring. and then u hate urself for feelin guilty about it too.

i gez - the thg is, s'times circumstances dun allow us to be frens wit everyone, or the ppl we want. dun u think so? do u agree? it sucks big time - but dats the fact. and dats the reality. after all, ur not the only two ppl in dis world. there r other ppl or other feelins dat u hav to take into consideration. its jst not the same anymore. and we hav to make dat conscious decision and stand by it. no use bein swayed. or else, everythg will be for naught.

ppl r always blaming their circumstances for wat they r. i dun believe in circumstances. the ppl who get on dis world r the ppl who get up and look for circumstances they want and if they cant find em, they make em.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


done wit the office thang. so much of 'drama' today in ere kat office - wit Ramesh vs Karuna thang, wit Harimohan 'infront-of-u-like-dis-at-the-back-of-u-like-dis' etc etc. i am tired. tadik dgn Harimohan and Pengarah - dua2 aku smash since sibuk nak tanya pendapat aku aka 'nak korek cerita actually' where aku dun even giv it a shait and malas sgt2 nak amek tau pun. i was like telling Harimohan again - wat i've told him before, and dis time dpn Pengarah - dat 'if ur tryin to psycho me sir, i am sorry - i dun think i'd go buying it' kinda thang.. and muka dat Timb. Pengarah berubah for God sake. lantak lah!

i am off for a jog. kalo tka ujan - since luar dah start mendung. and mlm aku nak pi mkn kat Medan Gopeng - kedai mamak dkt Bank Rakyat tu - teringat2 plak murtabak or roti canai dia yg whoaaaa.. kuah kari meletz!

see u when i see u. and i am leaving! bye.

when i say..

to whom dis may concern -

'when i say 'i love u', its not because i want u or because i cant have u. its nothing to do wit me. i love u for wat ur, watu do, how u try. i've seen ur kindness, and ur strength. i've seen the best and the worst of u.

and i understand wit perfect clarity - exactly wat and who ur!'


wow. sweet aye? nope. nobdy send me dis. and i dun think i'd hav one from anyone pun. i jst stumbled into dis - somewhere in the net, and it gets my attention.

sweet eh?

yesterday? and trow.

a day,
at one time.

there r two days in every week about which we shld not worry - the two days which shld be kept free from fear and apprehension.

one of these days is 'yesterday' - wit its mistakes and cares; its fault and blunders, its aches and pains. yesterday has passed - and theres nothg u we can do about it. it has passed beyond our control. all the time, all the money in dis whole wide world cannot bring yesterday. we cannot undo a single act we performed, God sake. we cannot erase a single word we said. it'd remains there as it is, hell yeah. and gez wat? yesterday is gone!

the other day we shld not worry about is 'trow'. wit its possible adversities, its burdens, its large promises and poor performance. trow is beyond our immediate control - hell u knw dat well, too. trow's sun will rise - whether in splendor or behind a mask of clouds. but it'll rise, insyaAllah. it'll definitely be there. until id does - we hav no stake in trow, for it is yet unborn.

dis leaves only one day - 'today'.

any man can fight the battles of jst one day. it is when u and i add the burdens of two awful eternities - yesterday and trow - dat we break down. it is not necessarily the experience of today dat disturbs one's peace of mind. it is often time - the bitterness for s'thg which happened yesterday and the dread of wat trow may bring.

and the morale of the story? let us therefore live, one day - at a time.

u hav a great day ahead then..

life is like..

dats wat they say.
so - if ur not a good rider.. think u gotta learn it well,


Friday, November 19, 2010


in the end..
we lie awake
and we dream -
of making our escape..

quitters never win. so?

you cant win all the time. but does dat matters?

for all of us - there r the ups and downs of life. everyone of us. wat u lose on the roundabouts - u make up on the swings, as any fair ground man will tell u. life's like dat.

so it is wit us all, and we must be prepared to take the rough wit the smooth? no one gets by. to the eye of the bystanders - some may appear to get all the smooth. only those privileged to see behind the scenes knw the burdens or the trials other hav to bear.

some expect to win all the time. but life isnt like dat - whether it be in a game of football, or a game of life. it wld not be good for us is we always won. we r strengthened by our trials, our struggles, our defeats God sake. ur not beaten when life knocks u down. ur only beaten if u stay down. u see - if u stay down. the test is to see wat we can do wit defeat.

so i gez - we gotta ask ourselves; when faced wit a defeat - wat can we learn from dis?

i dunno.

u hav a great Friday then. and TGIF, anyway.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

its a journey..

.. not the arrival.

hav u asked urself wat ur doin on dis journey? dis is an intimate, personal question - dat is; but not an impertinent one, for it is one u ask urself and need to answer to urself, alone.

again - wat ru doin wit ur life? is dis a embarrassing question? hav u asked urself dis, before? hav ever think y ur in ere? hav u really paused in the rush of life to fine the true answer? it mght be rewarding to spend a lil more time - a lil more tot on where we r goin.

i believe we all need to stand aside from life - occasionally, to pause and look at life as it were from the outside, as an outlooker, peering in thru the window at the world rushing by. we need a pause not only to ask ourselves where we r goin.. but to hav a summing-up - make a balance sheet of our lives.

i am sorry. i aint sure of all the above - but somehow; they need to be outta my head.


its a long, empty day. i never think of it'd ended up dis way. i need a crash. a sound one - no more nightmares like the nite before. no more waking up in the mid of the nite, gasping for air - upon dreams i hate to think of.



i wanna be ere!

setelah ujan..

After the Rain..

coupla pics taken from a folder of pic i uploaded on the FB. nothg biggie still, same old thang. but me myself - i love em all pretty damn much. i love seein the ant's eyes, God sake. the flowers, the air ujan on the flowers and such.

hope u'd like em all, jst like i do.

life is.. again.

life is?

most of us at some time in our lives hav had, or looked forward to an exciting journey. very often it is not jst the journey - but wat we as individuals put into it. we look at it in a certain way; we permeate it wit somethg dat is in ourselves - the events become alive wit the exuberance of our own spirit. a child - for example; goes o an outing into the country or to the sea. the dat - the journey, every minute is fraught wit excitement.

life is a journey and it shld be an exciting journey wit its ups and downs, its uncertainties, its joys and sorrows, its trials and tribulations, its successes and failures. its the variety, the uncertainty dat shld make it exciting enuff, for these r the spices of life.

life concerns us all. we hav many books about life and how to live it. about dis and dat in life, to live life. there r books in which the author simply said dat life begins at forty. nother writes dat life begins at fifty. at fifty? Lord. but where does life begins? i firmly believe dat from the time we r born, it can be an excitin, adventurous journey of trial and error, exploration and discovery. so long as we look on life as a road along which we fins new experiences, new knwledge, new learning, we shall continue really to live; and the variety of our experiences will carry us on the end.



i dun knw wats in my head. think i shld hit my crib now, for a while.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

minimons smpai!

Aku was b'golek2, b'gulin2 dpn tv, bwh kipas and jap t'tdo jap t'jaga when aku t'sdr as if ada org bukak pagar. And immediately aku dgr, 'pak long!' t'jerit2 dr dpn pintu - and it was achik! Weh, minimons dah smpai. Tak jadi tdo aku. Kakak Areeyna in baju kurung wit tdung - she's pretty now. Dah besar panjang. And she's alrdy 11yo - thn dpn UPSR. Angah and achik in one suit bju mlyu wit songkok, sama colour wit their dad. Hazeeq pun sama. And wit in a sec., rmh mak abh yg senyap sunyi exploded wit screams and shout. After seeing me, the mons running all over cari pak su Soleh dorang plak. Their tok wan smiled, from ear to ear seein all dis - heh, i knw dis aint gonna last. Abah mght end up nanti lepak kat bilik baca buku je, bila dia dah serabut wit the minimons. Mak - awal2 lagi upon kak ngah and fmly smpai dah kat dapur. Damn aku wonder wats for tea jap lagi.. At times like dis, aku drown in my own world. Bdk2 ni dah msg2 besar pnjg. Damn time flies. Aku will definitely miss dis. The scream and shout. The mons bullying me. Soleh scream shait shooo-ing the mons out of his room. Lari masuk pintu dpn, kuar pintu blkg.. *sigh*

Salam Eid ul Adha!

salam eid ul adha!

awal2 pg lagik mak dah gerak aku bgn. liat jugak - damn its cold! its not like there in Ipoh.. tapi dis is one special day. its Eid ul Adha Mubarak! aku bingkas bgun - aku decided not to mandi as yet - cuci mata and amek wuduk je.. siap2 solat berjemaan dgn mak, abah, Soleh et al. cik & fmly plus angah & fmly r not in yet - so all the minimons r not around as well la.. rumah kinda sunyi sepi - but wit Soleh around - aku cld use the sepi-ness for my own sweet time. lepas solat Subuh berjemaah, kami bertakbir raya - the usual thang yg abah ajar us all sedari kecil lagik.. nothg t rush in dis precious mornin - we r taking our time doin the routine, as it is. lepas masing2 nyer turn bertakbir raya - sesi salam2 mintak maaf.. usually - dis is the high time; when mak will definitely 'tangkap leleh'. aku ingat time2 kak ngah belum kawen, cik and yang were around as well - we used to 'nak tergelak' when it come to dis session. and bila ngah pun nanges2, yang and cik lagik nak tergelak. i'd go and 'ssshhhhhhh' them, for at least to respect their feeling. 'pempuan - biasak la', dats the thang in mind. tp pg neh, mak tak nanges pun - i gez she's ok la kot. at least aku and Soleh around for dis raya.

aku dah siap iron baju rakyat jelats - baju raya mak, abah, aku nyer.. and Soleh. nope. let him iron seniri lah!! i aint Sutinah to do dat. bley? ni nyaris la tadak minimons sumer. kalo tak - sure aku tertimbus dek timbunan kain main dorg yg aku kena iron. kejis.

mandi sunat raya - done. iron baju - done. pe lagik? semayang raya at 9am. awal lagik weh!

erk, smbung tdo jap bley? hehe

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

pre-raya thang!

finally - we r done doin the marking by 3pm. and surprising enuff - the Ketua Pemeriksa 'shoooooooo' us away, ganti Saturday Sunday lepas bergegeh marking jugop. so aku pun haper lagik - nak tunggu kah? sah2 la aku among yg terawal kuar leaving the building! muahahaha.. smpai rumah - pack2 barang, aku tido sekejap. ni nak drive jauh neh. gtew. jauh sgt2. Ipoh - Selama 2 jam jugak! hehehe.. and Thursday pun cuti, tp aku kena balik awal separuh hari since ada keje nak buat.

shall be leaving home real soon. i bet the hi-way dah started packin up wit cars and such. or perhaps, aku shld drive thru the by-ways. tgk la.. kalo jalan lama - jenuh la jugak. Ipoh - Sg Siput - KK - Taiping - Selama. walllaweh! sempat kemateww sket2. tp hi-way, ermmm.. bosan la jam2 neh. aku dun wanna be old in the car gtew. haha.. to whom dat may concern - jgn jeles, ok.


kejap je news aku bakal jadi Penyelaras baru tersebar. aku wonder molot saper la yg cipet sgt sebar2 cerita neh. setahu aku - Pengarah baru je panggil aku during the lunch time.. sah2 la dia yg ckp kat saper2 neh. mati akal aku kena usik dgn Fina, Ajak, Apis, KF, Amed et al time marking tadik. hampeh.

kenang2 bali, panik jugak aku. but apa2 pun.. raya dulu!

moh balik kg moh!

tak mo raya! huwaa..

done wit the marking - aku was about to leave the building when aku dgr Pengarah berjalan masuk biling pengajar - and aku pun.. as usual belek2 le pe patut on my meja. tot he'd go passing my room but he wasnt - he stopped infront of my bilik's door, push the door, stepped in sebelah kaki - sua his head masuk in between the door and 'Shah, come to my room - i need to see u for a while'. i was like.. *gulp!*. usually he'd jst call me thru the phone. or paling kokak - sms je. and stepping in my room yg like 8 -5 mp3 all over, was somethg yg.. erm, weird.

so - berkematu la aku ngadap tadik. dkt sejam. nope - dun get me wrong. dia tak marah or dia tak leter pun. cuma aku telah 'ditabalkan' untuk jadi Penyelaras for dis new coming budak2 yg nak enroll 1 Jan nanti - K28. huarggggggggggggggkhhh! i've been running around for years, belajar silat tepis so dat aku never appointed to be one - but finally - shait. and gez wat? Mr Zul my senior will assist me. will assist me? God Lord - i mght ended up doin the whole freakin job - fuckin alone.

other than dat - the usual thang. he's tryin to 'psiko' me tellin dis and dat 'ur having the potential', 'i know ur good at dis and dat' etc etc and i was jst sit there havin dis cynical smile on my face. darn i think he forgot whom he's talkin to. i remember tellin him off last time, 'if u want to 'psiko' me sir, i think u got the wrong person' kinda thang.. and by the time he saw me smiling like dat - he stopped all those bunga2 thang God sake. heh. i aint gonna buy dat shait! hahaha


damn i lose my appetite nak lunch ari neh. i'd be super duper bz God freakin sake. huwaaaaa..

tak mo raya la mcm neh!! *yeah, rite!*

Monday, November 15, 2010

fren? wth?

u wanna know how to be a good fren? well, dun make dat kinda face - for i know i aint perfect hell yeah. but i am learnin. and i am tryin. but then - someone gotta tell someone else of dis and dat, rite? and i wanna share u wit dis. pls do agree to disagree - feel free. i am jotting down of wat i believe.


  1. be there for em when they need u - not when u need s'thg from em. good frens dun call up ppl on to tell shait or to request a favor. while knowing ppl dat can help u out is important - its equally important not to abuse the relationship. focus on wat ur fren is goin thru at the moment. ru happy? a lil lonely? maybe they need to talk about the fact they r worried about. watever the situation - put urself second and do listen. i mean - LISTEN. listen to wats bein said directly and implied in their conversation. but remember - fuck urself off if u think ur listenin yet ur hearin. or worst - ur listenin for it'd be a hot bomb for everybdy, to knw!
  2. dun wait for frens to call u. stop doin a missed-calls. make an effort to keep in touch wit ppl. everyone is hell bz, but if u want to maintain good r'ship, u shld be proactive about communications. it doesnt mean u hav to sit on the phone for hrs a day, but it does mean u send email, conventionally a card, a quick call, or a text msges. let them knw dat ur thinkin about em. and if u receive any - pls do learn to appreciate it well. and stop complaining.
  3. respond to em in a timely manner. i think theres nthg more frustrating than sendin a fren a msg, or an email or a note - and havin em ignore it b'coz they r 'freakin bz'. everyone is busy - fcuk shait. is someone is ur fren, u make the effort to be kind to em.. 'dgn ikhlas', dats the word. and if u dun think u can - dun even thik of initiate one. responding to their q's and requests is one way u can do dat - for example.
  4. dun be part of the gossip train. i mean it - the GOSSIP train. bad mouthin ppl u call frens is one of the worst thgs u can do. a fren wont go talkin shait about his/her other fren. a fren will never celebrate stupid issues at the back of his/her fren. stop being an idiot puttin ur brain in ur arse and talk shait about ur fren - for it aint gonna work. dun be catty or talk about em behin their backs. never, ever. dun hang out wit s'one jst so u can go back to s'one else and talk about ur fren. a fren wldnt do dat to his/her fren, God sake. decide if ur someone's fren, or not - and pls, act accordingly. and owh - hell yeah - dun put up good innocent face ya, while ur shittin at ur fren's back. coz it aint gonna work.
  5. pls, be happy for em. be it wat ever it is. ur not em. but they r ur fren. remember - never ever put ur freakin values-wat-ever-it-is into someone else's life - coz dats so bloody wrong. ur not ur frens old mama. they r jst fren of urs. so - take it as it is. and dis may sound ridiculous - but some folks cant be happy at their fren's successes. dun be someone dat only in for complaining about life. when ur fren hits it big - celebrate wit em. when they want to find love - be gracious and supportive when they find it. there is nthg better in the world than havin ppl dat support and care about u. go out of ur way to show ur support for ur fren.

well, think of dis - if ur feelin lonely, and no one giv it a shait about u.. when u feel like u dun hav fren - but ur havin like thousands around u - yet still, ur feelin so alone.. folks, think again - wat hav u done lately.. or wat u've done - all ur life. to ur own fren. for i believe - life's a Karma. wat u giv, is wat u gonna get. wat goes around - will always comes around!

now go say sorry - if u ever hurt ur fren's feeling, God sake. and yeah - get a life, too.


another day..

done wit the OSCE, after the lunch - i off went to the post office to do my thang - it was on the way back when i saw dis thang wit my own eyes and it hits me thru. a small 3 - 4 yo gal, wit a heavy school bag on her back, walking wit her face down - crying. and her mum was walking beside her - obviously wit her angry face, pointing rite to the kid's face, and hitting the kid's head again and again till the gal nearly stumbled by the road side. the gal cried her heart out.. and i passed thru. i keep seein the rear mirror, till both of em disappear from my sight.

i keep on thinkin wat the hell is wrong. and i cant help thinkin wat happen to the lil gal. damn - i cant imagine the way u handle kids - dat way. and i cant imagine how it feels like for u to hit a small kid jst like dat. hows dat feels? aku dg budak2 neh pun - kdg2 aku angin jugak, but i never ever hit em jst like dat. paling abes - aku piat telinga je.. darn aku keep on thinkin about dat lil gal, sampai aku masuk keje.

a long day, today. abes OSCE, terus marking. and theres coupla issues yg buat aku penat, God sake. office-politiking and such. and aku heard coupla seniors saying i'll be handling some heavy post by next sem., aku malas nak fikir. furthermore - i wont be around, dat long pun.

hujan lagik ptg ni. no gym it seems. and no jog certainly.


i wanna write a thang or two about frenship. i had thgs in mind - yet i dun knw hot to put it down at time.

later, perhaps.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

ku-ku day..

started as early as 8am, i was thinking - darn wat kinda Sunday is dis? i shldve be in bed till noon. or perhaps, i shldve be in Padang Polo doin my week-end jog there - on the positive side. but then - i was in the office wit others - all wit sour kinda faces - doin the marking. we need to get thgs done for theres lot more coming, and ada pulak cuti Raya Eid ul Adha in between - making thgs more complicated and 'terpaksa mengejar masa' as Mr Bong said (again and again - puke). ask me how i feel i'd love to giv a big dusssssh on ur face. i was jst sit there among others wit my own bundle of papers, wit my mp4 stuffed up my ears - and off i did the marking. do well, u get more marks. answer shait damn i'll make u re-sit. fair enuff.

leaving home now. wit the sun rite on ur head drives me 'ku-ku' now. i only hav one thang in my head now - my cozy bed. shait i wanna jump and dive in it by the time i reach home.

and i aint gonna do nothg today. i feel like appreciating my free time - stayin back at home.

and sleep, hell yeah. see ya! hav a pleasant Sun-day, yo!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


by 3.30pm - i am done wit the marking. but since budak2 r havin my own paper - MCQ and MEQ back to back from 2.30 to 4.30pm; i decided to stay back for a while. i was kinda nervous wanting to knw wats the questions out (especially MEQ) and hows the stdnts dealing wit it. alhamdulillah - i think MCQs r kinda tuff alrite, tp budak2 ni nampak cool je.. bley la jawab kot. jgn cool je, tp flop sumer2. mati aku nak menjawab! and MEQs - 1) Schizophrenia, 2) Psychosis/Neurosis. heh. another bonus kinda soklan. syukur since aku did discussed wit em all dis both questions. tak bley jwb jugak - aku nak resign. bley?

smpai rumah - dah dkt pkul 5pm. prot lapar, and i was thinkin it'd be nice to hav cucur bilis wit bawang byk2 plus my fav tea-o-panas2. and so be it - we r havin dat for tea. minimons sibuk nak giv me their hands - tp sorang je lekat dapur - si nonet chumil neh. she was there dr aku bancuh tepung, bancuh air, gaul tepung, potong bawang bagai smpai makan dgn aku! hahaha.. kinda fun tgk dia gaul tepung and wit in a sec., muka pun bertepung. and rasa mcm slot SRT plak.. when she's learning dis and dat - asking me ere and there, wanting to know most of the thang. heh.

cucur atas dapur, aku do the laundry too. esok tak sempat sice 8am aku dah kena ada kat ofis.. :-(


kinda piss off wit some ppl yg tak kenal aku - esp on the FB; tp acting like they know me for ages. jst by browsing my pics - seeing me posing wit dis and dat - walllaaaaaaa! here comes the conclusion. assumption. argkh - aku will definitely boooo-layan dis kinda ppl. generalization is a big mistake for me. who ru to judge me? heh. aku rasa nak delete je such ppl. menyemak je.


think i shld be quitting dis. dis hide and side kinda thang - i am tired.

ramas dek.. ramas!
erk, cuci tgn tak tadik?

i loike..

in the making!

posing sekejap
sebelum mula makan!